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At what stage of development is my stye? I want to know the symptoms.

Stye develops for several days and passes through several stages. In order to determine the presence of stye, you should know what stye is at different stages.

Initial stage. At this time, the patient has severe itching in the area of future abscess and reddening of the skin on the eyelid. Gradually, the edema of the eyelid grows. This phase lasts for 2-3 days.

A purulent stage. At this stage, there is a purulent infiltrate, which is delimited from healthy tissues by a capsule. Outwardly, such an abscess looks like a pea of a whitish color. The patient during this period has an itching and a soreness of the abscess, and if it is especially severe disease, the temperature is up to 38-39 degrees. This stage lasts about 3-4 days.

The stage of dissection of the abscess. In this period, the pus-filled capsule bursts out, and its contents pour out. If a breakthrough occurs outward, the patient feels better and soon recovers. If the capsule breakthrough occurs inside, it leads to complications that can develop into a big problem for the patient. It is good if a doctor opens stye. At this stage the patient’s pain passes, the size of the abscess decreases significantly and pus oozes out of it for several days.

The stage of healing of the eyelid. At this stage, any unpleasant feelings, which patient had, disappear. On the site of the erupting abscess, there is the process of tissue regeneration under crust. When the healing process is over, the crust, having dried off, disappears.


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