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What Causes Eye Stye?

What causes a Stye on the Eye

In ophthalmic practice, stye is a common disease. Almost everyone faced this disease at least once in life. Unfortunately, this disease often recurs; it can greatly spoil patients lives.

Before you start to treat eye stye disease, it is necessary to know the causes that provoked it. Most people believe that the causes of stye are in systematic hypothermia. However, in reality, stye has a variety of causes. The most common factors that cause the disease are:

  • Ignoring the rules of personal hygiene. That is why children more suffer from eye stye disease. However, adults have to understand that they should regularly wash face, and in the case of contact with dust or dirty hands with eyes, thoroughly clean the conjunctival concave.
  • Reduction of the protective functions of the immune system. This condition of the body is not only the cause of stye. More than half of all known diseases are for this reason. In turn, decreased immunity is due to any stress, to the presence of a chronic infection in the body, disease, or drugs that suppress the immune system.
  • Hormonal changes that is in adolescent years are another reason for stye.
  • Chronic disease of an eyelid is called blepharitis. It has a different origin, thus can be bacterial, allergic, and provoked by Demodex. However, despite this, any inflammation of the eyelids is a predisposition for the inflammation of the hair follicle.
  • Changes in the microflora. This can be due to taking antimicrobials. In this case, there is a rapid growth of pathogenic organisms that occupied a free place after the microflora was destructed greatly by antibiotics.
  • Heredity also plays a role in causing the disease. Sometimes it happens that family members regularly suffer from eye stye. The thing is that their skin contains strains of Staphylococcus aureus. Under the influence of favorable factors, bacteria is able to penetrate into the deeper tissue layers and cause various inflammations, including stye.
  • The use of low-quality cosmetics. That is why women more suffer from eye stye than men do.


Stye is not a dangerous disease. However, it can become a serious problem if is incorrectly diagnosed and treated. It is strictly prohibited to squeeze the purulence out of the stye capsule on one’s own. It will not speed up the treatment process, but will only expand the area of infection. In addition, stye can be a sign of emerging of other dangerous diseases, such as chalazion, which is treated only by surgery, as well as tumors and cysts. If there are frequent eye styes, the reasons may be different. Therefore, in order to identify them, it is advised to examine body.